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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Barford now turns into a parody of himself, ''Claudius hoiking''

                                                                 ''I, Barford''

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  1. He looks so sad now that his best 'responsible detectorist' pal has, as he so delicately put it, "flounced off".... their platonic love affair all rather reminds me of Randy Newman's song...."Paul was an uptown, upbeat arkie, Steve was a downtown, downbeat guy..."

    It was an affair doomed from the start and all so sad. Paul lauded Steve as an intelligent middle manager type, with the obvious inference that poor old Steve had more up top than the rank-and-file oiks of the detecting community. Here was a man he could depend on to extract the urine out of orthodox detectorists and generally rubbish them so as to gain Paul's undying approbation.

    But, alas, Paul cruelly cast him aside, leaving Steve to be laughed at by the same people he denigrated on the way up and was now down, down amongst them. So sad. 
Shared Stewardship Versus Stolen History

Though Barford selectively quoted from the above article on his blog, for some reason he failed to mention this bit. I wonder why?

"We have a poor record in returning to the community what we learn through careful, scientific study. We often come across as boringly technical and aloof, at best. At our worst, we are perceived as indifferent, snobbish, and elitist. This is a huge disservice not only to our profession which relies on public support to continue in our roles."

Just goes to some archaeologists are selective in what they publish. What reliance then can we put on their findings and post-excavation reports? Fiction, seems a good tab.