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Monday, 28 October 2013

Satire, à la Chairman Meow!


Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?

The Things They Say…(including spelling errors)    

Pavel BaЯford:-   (After having been well and truly shafted having been  caught with  his mitts in the Copyright cookie jar)

Authors' Note: Although this post was not included in the original takedown notification where the unknown finder of these apparently unrecorded items lost to public view claimed our use of the photos here was a breach of his copyright, we decided to be on the safe side and remove them- after all we do not want to make Mr Tayler angry do we? The several dozen photos showed a range of typical Anglo-Saxon grave goods, buckles, disc brooches, equal armed brooches, weapons, the lot].

{Photos removed}

*[Authors' Note: This blog is satire and some people quite obviously can take neither criticism or a joke when its not him making spiteful ones about other people. We might indeed wonder just why this person did not want his gallery of recent finds being discussed here, I think we can all have a jolly good guess].

“some people quite obviously can take neither criticism or a joke…,” no, indeed they can’t. Had a look in the mirror lately ComrЯade?


From the BaЯford Blog….UPDATE 24.07.12

 “….Quite why the PAS (and Director of CBA) felt they had to engage in this deceit is beyond me.”

However… the 28/07/2013, it’s all kissy-kissy judging from the tabloid-esque panting headline:

At last! Paul Barford and Mike Heyworth in total agreement!

Heritage Journal: Editor, Nigel ‘Not Very’ Swift.


The King’s New Suit of Clothes?

“….I have never presented myself as an "expert", I write a blog, my blog is about an issue. I write it for myself, it can be read by those who want to read it, or can be ignored by those that do not. I really have no obligation to explain to anyone else any more than that, and nor do I intend to.”

Gosh! We hardly recognise you Pavel,  in your new attire! Been on the road to Damascus per chance? Your candour is admirable, but it was something many us already suspected.


Friday, 25 October 2013

I'm no expert

Here we see an open admission from Barford on Dave Welsh's blog:

In answer to his last "point", I have never presented myself as an "expert", I write a blog, my blog is about an issue. I write it for myself, it can be read by those who want to read it, or can be ignored by those that do not. I really have no obligation to explain to anyone else any more than that, and nor do I intend to. I think there is more than enough about me on the internet already and, seeing the misuses unscrupulous people like the ACCG's Mr Welsh put it to, do not intend multiplying it. I feel absolutely no need to justify myself to the likes of Mr Welsh and Mr Tompa's sock-puppet-Houghton or their guffawing metal detectorist and pot-digging friends. 


Now here is an admission from old gob shite ''I have never presented myself as an ''expert'' , never a truer word spoken.  But wait a minute doesn't the world revolve around Barford and his twisted communist views. Don't we all have to do the right thing, or Mr Barford will bully you until you submit to his way of thinking. He say's ''I really have no obligation to explain to anyone'' but he continually asks us asks us to explain our actions to him.  Also he says ''I feel absolutely no need to justify myself'' That's funny because every page of crap he has ever written, he asks us to justify our actions.


How can you expect anyone to answer you when you openly admit you write your blog for yourself, if this were the case, press the little button that hides it from everyone else apart from you. As we don't want to read this shite day after day. ''Do the right thing Barford delete it''.


Also if you write it for yourself, why do you feel justified to feature other peoples material, which has been  clearly stolen off the internet, images, words etc.


   ''I have never presented myself as an expert'' Now this is a revelation from Barford, no wonder he is so vague about his qualifications he attained in Britain, and maybe that is why gob shite ran off to Poland, which at the time was a Communist country. Who else would employ him in a top job, where the elite would look after one another, drinking vodka to the early hours, providing nice houses and cars, and where the poor, queued for hours for some mouldy old bread.  The Communist party which governed the People's Republic of Poland from 1948 to 1989. Ideologically it was based on the theories of Marxism-Leninism. .


The nomenklatura were a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, archaeology, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region.


The communist Polish United Workers' Party dissolved itself on 29 January 1990, and transformed into Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland.  What then happened to all these workers given key roles within the Communist state, they were booted out.


Now when we look at Barford's employment, we see he has done very little since 1990,  apart from a bit of translation of Children's books and car washing.

Keep the red flag flying Paul!






Monday, 21 October 2013

Hey Ho, the bitch is gone!



Jan Wills, County Archaeologist, who has worked for the Service since 1985, is leaving Gloucestershire Archaeology in early September after 28 glorious years with the County Council.


All I can say is I hope she ends up working on the streets, as detectorist's across the Country will raise a glass and rejoice at her departure. On the same scale as Barford,  a complete bitch who had nothing good to say about metal detecting, and was allegedly  behind many of the restrictions we now have in place today, as she was a trustee on the board of the C.B.A.

Even hated by those that worked with her! Maybe Barford could employ her.


Good riddance

This is a copy of her handy work written by one of her staff, just one of the many letters I obtained under The Freedom of Information Act. They then crapped themselves when they heard I was going to sue them for libel: But I can do far more damage to them by publishing the letters, as every detectorist in the Country will see how they stalk us.

The archies several years later put over 100 trenches in this area 10m x 3m looking for this alleged site, and found a 17th Century pipe stem. Which must make it the most expensive pipe stem on record. Ha Ha


This information was fed to them by some jumped up shit who is known by the name of Peter Twitt, not sure about the two 'tt' at the end. Now archaeology is in his hands God help us!


Tim Grubb Archaeologist from Gloucestershire likes to use the name 'GOONER' which say's something about his mentality, when cyber stalking his victims on various detecting forums, although probably now logged on as something else. His particular skill is copying and pasting anything we write, even though these forums are copyright protected.

It does make you wonder who authorised this stalking and how far up the ladder it went, or was it just some young archaeologist who doesn't understand the word libel.. If you write down malicious allegation you better be damned sure you have your facts right, because you will be screwed in court.


Oh, how the mighty are fallen! Good riddance! Another one bites the dust. Always be nice to people on the way up, for you'll meet the same people coming down. They never learn. All those years spent bitching about detectorists amounts to her demise....but detecting moves on!
John H

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this behaviour, for these are precisely the sort of people the Government wants to employ to oversee archaeology in this country. Libellous accusations and stalking. All of which is completely illegal.  If this is the way the archaeologists want to build trust between detectorist's and the non recording of  finds, then they have a long way to go. Take a good look and decide what you think about that as a "policy".