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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Imbecile and online troll

Imbecile and online troll Paul Barford has spent his life attacking anyone who has views which differs to his own. In his hermetically sealed and blinkered world, with no friends apart from a single celled amoeba called Nigel Swift the septic pustule from Stourport upon severn. Bashing away in a darken room night after night, bouncing from one Continent to another like a trolling caped crusader, savoir of the world heritage. Striking terror into all those loutish  metal detectorists  and collectors around the globe, who defy his toxic words and bullying tactics.


One thing our caped crusader doesn't like apart from the dreaded kryptonite is someone who takes the effort to hit him back.

Our Super Hero must grimace every time he reads this blog because it's tagged to his, so when you Goggle his name this site appears. He tries to make out he is unaffected by it, but if you see here it's not quite the case.


Since his misuse of other peoples images Goggle threatened to remove him for good, so he has had to make do with unrelated images to go along with his text. This is an outright win for us, and Paul crawls back into the sewer to lick his wounds.


Not to be outwitted Paul searches frantically through my blog looking for images I have used, and tries to find the owner of them, telling them they are being used by me.  

What do the owners do, nothing, WHY! because they realise that the BARFORD'S of this world are the dregs of society and need to be eradicated.

If you read his comment at the bottom of this link, I almost pissed myself laughing! he cries ''I'd obviously like him to take that insulting and misleading blog (and his other one) down''
 All I can say Paul, is your blog, would just have a heading left, without any content, you don't know the meaning of misleading!

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at Paul Barford's behaviour,  this is precisely the sort of Wally people want to avoid any reasonable debate with, the P.A.S don't want him, detectorists don't want him, collectors don't want him and I doubt his parents ever wanted him. The PAS wants to grab more millions of public money, to pay those hard working detectorists who go out it all weathers  just to save our Britain's' heritage. Take a good look and decide what you think about that as a "policy".