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Friday, 27 December 2013

Groom of the Stool:

Barford finds himself the perfect job.

The Groom of the Stool was a male servant in the household of an English monarch who, among other duties, “preside[d] over the office of royal excretion,” that is, he had the task of cleaning the monarch’s anus after defecation. In the early years of Henry VIII’s reign, the title was awarded to minions of the King, court companions who spent time with him in the Privy chamber. These were the sons of noblemen or important members of the gentry. In time they came to act as virtual personal secretaries to the King, carrying out a variety of administrative tasks within his private rooms. The position was an especially prized one, as it allowed one unobstructed access to the King’s attention. Despite being the official bum-wiper of the king, the Groom of the Stool had a very high social standing.

One day we hope to see Nigel Swift and Paul Barford preserved for all time in there own museum
in Iceland.


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  1. Why would anyone want to see either of these two *a*k*rs in a fine store like Iceland? Beats me! Anyway, Happy New Year!