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Monday, 30 September 2013

                                                          Verbal diarrhea

Are these guys for real, they spend there lives attacking members of the public who's only crime is enjoying a perfect legal hobby of metal detecting or collecting.

Heritage belongs to everyone, not just a select few who studied a degree course and now by some God given right, can desecrate graves in the name of science, removing bodies of our ancestors by packing them into  cardboard boxed to be analized sometime in the future.


 Barford sits in his ivory tower telling us how we should run our lives. He pays absolutely nothing into our tax system and  contributes nothing to our balance of payments.


He was happy to leave our shores for Poland,  but still thinks he has a say in the way we run our Country.

There are over 60 million people in Britain, who really don't give a hoot about our heritage, so you have a lot of work ahead of you to convince the population of the ''Barford master plan'', you would have more of an effect if you farted into a hurricane.


The only people who ever post support on the Barford blog are mentally retarded, and looking at the inane questions they post, have little knowledge on anything.


''When all are blind around you, it's pointless carrying a torch to lead the way. ''


This is what they say on there blog, when the same treatment is serve back to them ''UK metal detectorists (ambassadors for the hobby) really do not know when to stop''.

These are the same guys who post throughout the night, when others are tucked up in bed, what exciting lives they lead, churning out endless crap night after night. What do there families think of it.

Mrs Barford comment:


Well their I was lying in Bed at 2.00 am in the morning, and I awoke to see Paul's shadow by the window, he was making frantic hand movements, up and down with his left hand. I shouted ''Paul are you wanking again'', to which he replied ''No dear, I thought I would just check my laptop for the latest news on Egyptian antiquities , then maybe watch a bit of porn.''  
Another exciting night in the Barford household! 



Extract from the Barford blog


The next stage in the vicious harassment of a grassroots
UK heritage group for expressing its views on the erosion of history by artefact hunting. It seems certain UK metal detectorists (ambassadors for the hobby) really do not know when to stop.

From Heritage Action's Heritage Journal:
Another artefact hunter of similar ilk, a Mr Taylor, (who has been spoken to by the police for openly publishing threats to come to my house and attack me), has taken to impersonating us so if you see any obscene or otherwise objectionable comments in the name of Heritage Action or similar or any of its members, they won’t have come from us.

Frankly while the rest of the detectorists just stay quiet and do not react to this kind of stuff coming from their own ranks (by trying to stop these louts, distancing themselves from it every time it happens, solidarising with the victims, or even just apologising), I think we are justified in holding them all responsible. 

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this behaviour, for these are precisely the sort of people the PAS wants to grab more and more millions of public quid to make into the "partners" of the British Museum, archaeological heritage professionals and to whom they want us all to entrust the exploitation of the archaeological record. Take a good look and decide what you think about that as a "policy".  

Tip for today, if you want to impersonate one of these moron's on the Barford blog, and have a little fun, just sign yourself into Google Blogger and use one of his friends names for your blog. When you then comment on his blog your name will be heritageaction or whatever name you choose. He will have to check each time with the author, whether it is them or not. To change your name at will, just go into dashboard and switch to another name. This will keep the children happy for hours!

This really will piss him off! ......Have a nice day Paul!

Friday, 27 September 2013

                               Excrement Times

After reading the latest instalment of the Excrement Times aka ''The Barford Blog'' It nice to see Old yellow belly chipping in with his latest comment:

''Nae worries Paul, there's a clear pattern developing. Mr Winter and the US lobby allied themselves with Messrs Stout and Howland and pulled out once they realised. Now the latter are making the same mistake with Mr Taylor.(They should know that Mr Taylor is the one that has been "silenced" after being warned by the police about his threats of violence towards me.)

Let them continue to ally themselves with the worst elements of metal detecting - as a poet said "you can judge a man by the company he keeps". And it's quite appropriate because let's face it, they buy from the worst elements of metal detecting already whether they claim they're unaware or not - which is the whole problem and the source of their dislike of you.

They're making the situation clear for all to see. You can't present yourself as Noel Coward if your best mates are - well, different. 

27 September 2013 01:04''


I would just like to correct that dog turd on a few things, no threat of violence was ever mentions on my web site as all I said was I would drive 40 miles and squash young Nigel's nose.


I had a wonderful talk with West Mercia Police when they rang me one evening, and I told them to check out what I wrote'' There are many people called Nigel in the World, and squashing noses is not a criminal offence in Britain. Spreading one's nose over your face with a swift punch, is something completely different.The word ''Swift'' was never mentioned on my web site.

They agreed that no offence had been committed, and they would take a serious look at the Barford blog. So it kind of back fired. 

As you can see in the paragraph below published by Swift on his blog , with the typical word manipulation that Barford and Swift are past masters at, entering his name in brackets changes the whole context of the sentence. So with him now openly publishing on his blog I made threats to him, has now become libellous and I have now copied it for future use against him.  

“I don’t expect we will hear much from him [Nigel Swift] as he only lives a 40 minute drive away, just a little bit too close for comfort, and I would hate to have to squash his nose!”

This is just another example of some  ''gob shite'' who tries to twist words around to his own advantage.

As to being silenced think again!

You lost all credibility with your local police in Stourport-Upon-Severn when you posted up your so called achievement several days later on your blog, showing how you tried to manipulate the situation to your own advantage. They phoned me to say you were indeed a trouble maker, like I had told them.


Your 3 children must really be proud of there father and all he has achieved.. I suppose they get used to you standing in a pool of your own piss, when ever anyone rings the door bell.


I think Nigel is just after his own false blog, I'll see what I can do mate!

P/S and a message to the Talking arsehole Barford , as to not recording finds, may I suggest you contact a few museums to see how many items I have given or are on long term loan agreements with them. Like everything you print, no research is ever undertaken to show what we contribute, only what we take.

Friday, 20 September 2013

                             In a nutshell

I see Dorothy King has had problems with on-line trolls and just shows what sick bastards their are out there when you read her blog, She says on her blog ''there are always some weirdos, overwhelmingly men, who sent strange emails. Some were rants, others about their sexual fantasies.  Even close male friends thought I was exaggerating until I forwarded a selection of these emails: men sending naked photos of themselves, men telling me they masturbate to my photo, and emails of that'' Barford himself a super troll would never sink to such levels and splash out on such things, would he !. As to  sending sperm samples through the post, to archaeological hot totty, is way beyond his abilities as a man and the Polish postal service. Although Mrs Barford has been heard to say ''Paul often comes in a jiffy''

Thursday, 19 September 2013


                        Barford Fried Chicken

Try the new improved Barford Fried Chicken, it's finger licking good. Out of work author, car washer and Polish translator of children's book, has now started his own successful business in the fast food industry.


With his own secret recipe made from tripe, served in a bargain bucket.


He has said ''it's always nice to end up with a bone in your box'' even if it did belong to his friend Nigel.