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Saturday, 23 March 2013

                                       The art of Barford fishing


Many people who undertake metal detecting have probably dabbled at a bit of fishing over the years. The patience's required in both hobbies is very similar, where at the end of the day you may be rewarded with something special.


Now Barford fishing required cunning and stealth. First of all wear something very bright to get yourself noticed, because Barford's naturally live in a dimly lit environment, so will have very poor vision.  There are lots of forums for you to join, with like minded people where you can discuss the elusive Barford and show the best type of bait to grab his attention.  People often think the lure should be of gold or silver, but any old crap will do.  


Barford's have been known to migrate from Britain to Poland, but in recent years have a tendency to stay in Poland, as the number of predators that would attack this weak  species is far less.


Due to over fishing in the past century  Barford's are now becoming increasing rare on our shores, but because they have been known to harbour a brain disease, control methods are still in force across Europe.


Barford's are a fairly aggressive species and will attack anyone who collects anything shiny from the ground that grabs it's attention..


Because of the simple brain mechanism and feeding habit they tend to appear in the same area time and time again, looking for something to feed on and will often go over the same old ground.


If you are ever fortunate to hook a Barford then you will need to dispatch it fairly  quickly as they give off a fairly unpleasant odour, and are fairly unpalatable as they have a tendency to stick in the throat. A 30lb lump hammer on the back of the skull is usually suffice as they will offer very little resistance.


When gutting the species, you will need to remove the head first, as the lower colon has taken up most of  the brain cavity and is now so full of crap, it will taint the rest of the flesh. A unique attribute of this species is the fact they are completely spineless and often require support from others, to survive.


Happy Hunting!



Monday, 18 March 2013

                                               THAT'S LIFE INNIT'

Isn't it nice to see Barford the septic pustule squirming as I slowly turn up the heat on him. I have no problem with criticism of the hobby where it is justified, but Paul has overstepped the boundaries of reasonable debate with his blinkered vision and despotism. His contemptuous remarks at belittling ordinary people who undertake a perfectly legal hobby has gone beyond what is exceptable. He is nothing more than a cyber bully who trolls through forums picking on individuals who he can then mock in his own inevitable style.


Paul sees himself as some sort of intellect but then ridicules anyone who idealistic views or education fall short of his. 'Where has it all gone wrong he cries' as he tries too justify 4 years of  heritage blogging which will invariably go down the drain, when they pull the plug on him.


As many of you have seen the Barford blog has changed dramatically over the last year, and many of the images he had hosted have been removed due to copyright infringement. He has had to go through page by page removing images which he had stolen off the net.

Many of us have now received official confirmation from Google about how they are they are now monitoring his blog. We will now hit them again, this time use the words 'Cyber bullying and remind them it is an offence under British law to harass individuals. The Act states that it is unlawful to cause harassment, alarm or distress by a course of conduct and states that ‘A person must not pursue a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of another.' If he has mentioned you personally and has belittled you on his blog, now is the time to act, quote these two acts.

 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994


Protection from Harassment Act 1997

Paul is a creature of habit, and cannot help himself so as soon as he picks on an individual and names him by person, we will have him.

Good luck.......every little counts