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Monday, 12 September 2011

National Barford Day

So Barford, has had to back down on hosting my video’s, I wonder why! probably because he’s knows he has breached copyright rules.
Anyone who's been mentioned in his blogs, should delve through his archive, where you will find plenty of material pinched off the various individuals who have posted there images up, not knowing they are being used in this manner.

There are strict copyright rules as to who owns images on the net, and you cannot just take them, and write a malicious story around them.
I have already got him to remove several video's and photographs, which he just stole off my net image. Google have strict rules and will close down anyone who continually breaches their guidelines.  Maybe we should have a National Barford Day on Sunday 18th , and all hit him with a copyright infringements, if the picture belongs to you, then you are entitled to payment for it. This has been going on for far to long, if you read his blog you will see many cases where people have asked him to remove there images because it breaches copyright. Maybe Paul thinks he is above the law, and can do as he pleases.

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