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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How much do we need.......

Should archaeologists be able to plunder and desecrate ancient grave sites. In a Christian society is it right in the name of science that graves are being looted by archaeologists, just to see how these people lived and died. It a bit like the Japanese whaling fleets killing whales to study, but in reality it is just an excuse to carry on eating them. Have we not now got enough evidence to say these people died of X, and leave the rest in peace.
How many more artefacts do museums around the world need before they are full to the brim. Most of these collections are kept in vaults or basements where they will never see the light of day, so to say they belong to everyone is a bit like going to ask the Queen to borrow the Crown jewels for the evening.
The Ashmolian museum has many fine Bronze Age axe heads on show in glass display cases, but if you care to open the rows of draws beneath the display cases, you will see several hundred more examples. What is the point of holding these items if they are not in the main display cabinets, as the majority of people will never view them.
Public money should be used to show what we already have , not to aimlessly buy what we already have many examples of.
Those academics and Professors will always argue we need this information but in reality it is just to keep them employed, as many would find it hard working on a Tesco‘s till.

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